8 Common Causes for Workplace Injuries and Accidents

Indeed, every workplace has its hazards. But because laws require employers to take steps to protect their workers from work-related injuries, it doesn’t always happen. But there are indeed some factors that might make a certain task or a work environment more risky, and it helps to know which ones are those. That way, we can learn to avoid them or at least be extra careful when these factors are present. Here are eight common examples:

  • Lifting – those who lift heavy objects are at risk of straining their muscles, especially when they don’t mind the amount of weight their body can carry.
  • Fatigue – places that are particularly tasking and require lots of energy will eventually lead a person to be tired. Working during these conditions will make one less alert, increasing the risk of injury.
  • Poor lighting – workplaces, storage rooms, and all places where workers have to be have to be well lighted. Otherwise, it’s easy for someone to slip and fall when in the dark.
  • Dehydration – this is prevalent during summer days and the stress of the job keeps people from remembering to stay hydrated. Dehydration is just as bad, if not worse than fatigue. Employers should have a place for workers to get water at the workplace.
  • Stress – being overworked physically and emotional puts a person in a state of recklessness and poor judgment.
  • Workplace violence – this is self-explanatory. It’s important that a workplace and its workers should always treat each other with respect. On the other hand, employers should make sure that its employees never do anything to hurt their co-workers.
  • Trips and falls – when an office or workplace is not organized, this can happen a lot. Floors and stairs should be kept well maintained so that workers don’t slip and hurt themselves.

Any worker who suffers injury while performing his or her duties has the right to file an injury compensation claim against the employer.

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