Risk of Losing a Job Might be Increased because of Injuries

While worker protection laws are meant to protect employees when they get injured at work, a U.S. based study found out in a nursing home that its workers were more likely to lose their jobs within six months after an injury, compared to those workers who had no reported injuries at all. Meanwhile, those who have been injured more than once had even higher chances of losing their jobs or quitting them. More specifically, injured employees were 30% more likely to lose their jobs than those not injured.

Unfortunately, there’s no data showing why exactly those who were laid off were indeed removed from their jobs. It only shows that federal and state laws protecting workers from being fired after a work-related injury are not always being followed. These same laws also require that the workers be compensated for the injury.

The study was done by the Work, Family, and Health Network, which was conducted on 30 nursing homes throughout New England. The study was mainly intended to examine the policies with the workplace in the hopes that it would help in improving worker’s safety, health, and well-being. This included the study of 1,331 nursing home employees through interviews. Nine out of ten were women, more than two-thirds of which were nursing assistants.

As to the reason for losing their jobs, it’s possible that some workers may want to leave their jobs because they don’t want to get injured again. On the other hand, some employers may feel that injured workers will no longer be able to do their job. Either way, it’s still against existing legislation, given that work is not even supposed to lead to injury.

Additional advice may be given by a work injury lawyer Chicago firms have. They can help take steps in filing worker’s claims against their employers as well.

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